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Kindworld Token

$Kind is  about spreading kindness in the world. Charity giving, environmental care, nurturing the youth / parenting

The Mission of

Kindworld Token

$Kind is on a mission to foster a global community committed to spreading kindness, creating positive change, and leaving a lasting impact on the world. Our mission is to leverage the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to empower individuals to make a difference in charitable giving, environmental care, and youth development. Through innovative tokenomics and community-driven initiatives, we aim to inspire a culture of compassion, collaboration, and conscious living.

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Token Details



$Kind will be fair-launched with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, ensuring a decentralized and inclusive start. As the project progresses, a 10% buy/sell tax will be implemented initially, gradually reducing as we introduce more features. A 1% transaction fee on each transaction will be burned, contributing to the deflationary nature of the token and enhancing its long-term value

These are

What we offer


What is $Kind, and what sets it apart from other tokens?

$Kind is a cryptocurrency project dedicated to spreading kindness globally. What sets it apart is its unique focus on charitable giving, environmental care, and youth development, making it a token with a purpose beyond financial gains.

How can I purchase $Kind tokens?

You can purchase $Kind tokens through popular decentralized exchanges (DEX). Detailed instructions will be available on our official website and community channels.

What is the total supply of $Kind tokens, and how will it be distributed?

$Kind has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, which will be fairly distributed to ensure decentralization. The distribution details will be available in our tokenomics documentation.

How is $Kind contributing to charity?

A percentage of transaction fees is allocated to charitable initiatives. We partner with reputable charities, and the community will have a say in selecting organizations for donations.

What makes $Kind deflationary, and how does the burning mechanism work?

$Kind incorporates a deflationary mechanism by burning 1% of each transaction, reducing the total supply over time. This contributes to the scarcity and long-term value appreciation of $Kind tokens

Is $Kind environmentally friendly?

Yes, environmental care is one of our core values. We're committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and exploring eco-friendly blockchain solutions.


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